Aaand they’re Gone

Hey Kids,

The First day of spring was a few days ago. Monday actually. It was 73°.

We went on to set a new high temperature of 74°on Tuesday.

My fairer weathered brothers and their motorcycles crawled out of their winter hibernations and we enjoyed the new season’s sun and the warmth. I broke out the lighter jacket and relaxed on the turns, knowing that ice had zero chance of waiting for me on the blind curves.


The Scene leaving the office today.

So today, being Thursday, it snowed.

And again I find myself alone on the road, among the fluffy snowflakes and the temperatures falling back down to 34.


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Common Interest

Hey Kids,

I checked snow levels at the local ski resorts today. 140 some-odd inches of snow, roughly 12 feet.

It’s as deep now as it’s been all winter and March is still a snow month, especially for the major resorts whose starting elevation is at least 8-9000’.

Ironically, many of these resorts will start closing this month. Not because of the snow, but because of lack of interest. People have been skiing since Thanksgiving in November and the days down here in the lower elevations are getting longer and warmer. Which brings me to my interest.

I don’t ski. My interest in the snow levels is purely based on the water content, and more importantly in the water content that will flow down and into Lake Powell. The fact that none of the snow at the local results will actually flow into Lake Powell is not lost on me. Our snow, nonetheless, is indicative of the snow in the Rockies that does. The more snow we have, the more snow they have. In general.

You see, I also notice the warmer and longer days. I know that winter still has some blustering to do, but I’m ready to hit the lake and I want it as full as it can be for this season and again for years to come.


My interest in Lake Powell, however, will last longer than 3-4 months.


Post 3-061

Too Soon

Hey Kids,

It’s funny how every year the same thing happens.

About the end of January, maybe early February, we have a little warm up period. The ground snow melts, the piles of plowed snow in the parking lots melt down, and a few foolish trees sprout buds. The sun get s a hint of heat to it on the clear days and a few people even start to sport shorts and t-shirts.

And then it snows again.


Back on the bus today

Everyone complains how they are done with winter.

And it snows again. And gets cold.

Salt Lake City at an elevation of about 4500’ is not tropical.

Wait for it people. Summer will get here, just not in February or March.


Post 3-059

Rumor Confirmed

Hey Kids,

Usually a storm moves in. Sometimes it’s announced by a warm up and then a cold front. Sometimes it comes in suddenly with a massive wave of weather. Sometimes it sneaks in during the night and ruins unsuspecting morning commuters.

No matter the entry, there are clouds and the snow falls down. This is normal.

Then there’s Wyoming.

Today the sky was clear and sunny; there were no clouds. And yet it snowed.

Like the misty depiction of the destroying angel from the Ten Commandments, the 50+MPH wind blew the snow across the highway in waves ahead of us. And as the sun descended behind the mountains, the scene became even more difficult to keep track of the lanes and edges of the road. It was as stressful as any other snow storm in which I had ever driven.

I had heard the saying before but I can now attest to its accuracy:

It snows sideways in Wyoming.


Post 3-027


Hey Kids,

Snow came to the valley today.

It’s like the same snow that falls every now and then. White flakes, sometimes big, sometimes small.

It covered the sidewalks and the grass and of course the roads.snow-wreck

It’s magical, the snow. It makes dull gray days white. It brightens the otherwise drab and dormant flora. It gives a feeling of purification, a cleansing, or a reset.

It’s also magical as in it casts a spell on drivers and makes every one of them forget how to drive.


Post 3-021

Crazy Alone

Hey kids,

I know that there’s a good reason most people put their motorcycles away on days like today (upper 30’s to lower 40’s- snow sticking to everything but the roads). But I love being the only bie out there.

It’s not why I ride, and I don’t need other’s praise. But it means something to me to be part of the few, part of the crowd that others think is nuts.

I enjoy being willing to brave the cold and the wet.

I like to be alone where others don’t dare to tread.

I love being one of those guys.

I am one of those guys.


Post #361

Goal Post

Hey Kids,

Hit the gym this morning.751-1120-FootballGoalpost

It felt good.

I asked my sweetie how come when it feels so good, do we resist and not go to the gym?

We have no answer.

Cold is now settling in. The ride to work had a number starting in the 30’s; 36 I believe. We might be down to freezing in the morning. Despite the frozen hands and danger of ice, I love riding no matter the temperature; unless there’s snow on the road.

Today parts of the valley had snow on the ground. Luckily it was the west side and not the east, where I live.

Heading back to the gym tomorrow. Late start to work so we’re going to get after it.

Great writing session this morning. It’s amazing how even I don’t know the details of the story until I write it. I remember now why first drafts are so much fun!

I think I rambled on enough for now, my eye lids are slamming shut. So glad I have the goal to write every day or else this blog post never would’ve been.

PSA: Set goals and stick to them.


NaNoWriMo: 6,600/50,000

Day 254

Expected Unexpected

Hey Kids,

Heavy snow hit us today. Heavy as in wet and heavy as in a lot of it for this time of year. Officially, it was reported as 1-3” but with the lake effect snow, some places got a lot more than that and the mountains got over a foot.

It was predicted and yet it took people by surprise. I was no different. I knew it was coming and knew it was to hit yesterday and continue over night. And yet I still believed that I would ride my motorcycle in to work today. I was wrong and greatly disappointed this morning.sne_i_beijing_20_marts_2013_1_2

I settled for a ride into work with my honey. All the way in, I muttered how the roads weren’t so bad and I could’ve rode in and she kept pointing out all the slush and saying I couldn’t have. She eventually told me to stop my belly aching, and I did. I rode the bus home and started reading a new book. I will be on the bus and not riding tomorrow as well.

The snow hasn’t stop at all today and is to continue through the night. I’m sad because I’ve been spoiled by a mild winter, and it’s April 15th!

The amazing thing out of this storm, however, is not the storm. It can snow here in April and one should expect that realistic possibility through mid-May. The amazing thing is how people forget. People think that it’s crazy and unprecedented. So when the forecast calls for snow, we don’t believe it. We take no preparations for it, and act shocked and appalled when snow happens.

Like the weather as in all things, know the reality. Prepare for the unlikely but possible. Take it like a trooper. And in this case, know that’ll only last a short time and everything will be back to normal. Or did we already forget about global warming?


Day 51

Ride Like the Mailman

Hey Kids,

Winter tried to make a little comeback today. Late winter that is. The temperatures dropped close to the 30’s and snow fell, then rain, and then snow/rain.

I knew it was supposed to be a bad weather day, but when I headed out in the morning, it didn’t seem too bad. No precipitation, no bone-chilling cold; it was going to be a fine riding day. I slipped on my typical spring riding wear (which is the same as the summer riding wear but with an extra couple of layers underneath) and headed out early this morning.

Around 10ish this morning, I peeked a quick look outside. Snow.

This is what happens when you ignore the forecast. I’d just wait it out.

Around 4, the skies were a light grey, the snow had mostly melted. The wet roads had drained off a bit, and I saw my opportunity.

I began my trip home and it was to say the least pleasant. A few raindrops sprinkled down, but nothing to get wet over. (Pun). So I thought I might as well stop and do some grocery shopping on the way home, grab some items for dinner. I casually shopped and made no haste.

I exited the store to full-on rain. I was mostly wet by the time I reached and loaded the bike. Rain turned to snow, wet turned to wetter, and traffic turned from flowing to slowing.

A long ride later, I reached home drenched.

I could’ve made the trip a lot nicer for myself. Rain gear. Hurrying home. Both would’ve paid dividends. But then again, there’d be no adventure.11211_625372357528266_1248429372_n

Riding a motorcycle full time, is adventurous. Everyone pictures the sunny summer days, motor revving, hair flowing, and being cool. But MC riding, true MC riding, means facing all the elements. And I’m not complaining.

I love the bike. I love the pros and the cons. I love the sun. I love the rain. The sun a little more, granted. But it all is part of the game.

If you’re going to ride, don’t short yourself and be a fair weather rider. Experience it all. Soak it all in. Let the ride seep down to the bone.

Ride. Ride. Ride.


Day 44