The Simpler Times

As I’ve been reflecting so much on what has been happening around me.154 years ago, my truck still sits and does not run. Despite what I do and throw at it, there always seems to one more possibility, one more part to replace.

If only I had to worry only about rowing.

Or maybe even just a carburetor and not injection. No sensors, no computer; just air, fuel, and spark. Those were the days.

Tracking Life

The sun finally shone today. Uninterrupted by clouds or snow. It was lovely.

I took the sunny day to get some things done outside. Shoveled some snow away from my trailer, worked on the propane tanks, and troubleshoot a little battery problem that has been happening.

In the “heat” of the afternoon, I took a little stroll around the neighborhood that will soon be full of people once word gets out that spring may have sprung.

Last night the elk cruised by. They were hard to miss and this morning their tracks were all over the hillside. On my walk, I noticed others that have also passed, but unnoticed.

An owl swooped by, but refused to pose for a pic and left no tracks.

And of course my own tracks.

Without the snow. We would have no idea of all the critters that cross our path everyday.

I wonder what else goes on of which we have no idea.

A Cat’s Approach

When life gets too frantic or it seems like everything is so important that each moment might bring the sudden strike of doom we so fear; remember the cat.

When the stress builds up, stretch and yawn like you just don’t care who’s watching. Relax, take a nap if you need to; and don’t let any serious work get in your way of making your mark.


15th Centtury manuscript marred forever in history by a cat looking for attention.

Post 4-004

The Race

raceThe race of man is no race at all. From birth to death, time appears to not matter. Man spends it as if it had no value or no end.

It’s only when time is expired that man begs for more. Wishing and regretting while the final ticks whisk away; it’s too late.

Now is the moment to realize there is no time; there are only things to do.

What will I do? Let my wishes expire or act upon them and see them realized?

The race is mine and it never ends. Until it does.


Post 3-163


Happy Place

Hey Kids,

Sitting in the dark, with the wind to my back, and the kayak bobbing up and down in the waves one has time to think.bullfrog sunset

The water was too rough to head out so I tied the boat to the string of large tractor tires that form a wind break around the marina and took advantage of the artificial reef it also created.

Between the fish that fell victim to the jigs I threw out, I watched the full moon rise. It reflection and the lights of the marina flickered across the rippled surface of the water.

My thoughts focused on the beauty of it all. The smell of the lake, the warmth of the air, the coolness of the water, and the pull of the fish. There’s a simplicity to it. There’s a complexity to it. There’s a feeling of being part of it.

That is my happy place.


Post 3-162


Hey Kids,

Rules. I know we need them, well some of them.

Rules keep us all in line. They keep cars on the right side of the road, or the left for some of you.

They help keep us all in line in regards to each other.

They establish standards and expected conduct. They make us feel safe and secure.

A problem arises and a rule makes it better. More problems, more rules.

And then there comes the people who live by these rules, who live to obey these rules, who live to make sure others live by those rules.

I’m a guidelines kind of guy. There’s a time to walk in step and a time to walk outside the lines.

There’s a time to be obedient and a time to be inquisitive.48days-podcast-graphic-6-18-15-300x300

There’s a time to submissive and there’s a time to be rebellious.

When the rule outranks the person, it’s no longer a rule; it’s a stick.

When I was a child, I thought like a child. Now that I’m older, I;ll think for myself

It might be why I get a long with my motorcycles so well.


Post 3-157

So Long as It Has Sprinkles

Hey Kids,

I consider myself a writer. I’m not killing it, but I enjoy writing and most importantly, I write.

I enjoy well written articles, books, and blogs. I love seeing people craft words in a way that make an idea become alive; sentences that wind their way around an idea that it takes the whole of it to get to its punchline conclusion.

From Hemingway’s 6-word short story to Rowling’s impossibly long single sentence descriptions- it’s all good.

I’m not the best raw speller of words, however. Some people just have the knack of guessing correctly. I do not. I’ll slaughter the construction of a word as good as anyone. Now with built in spell check, it isn’t as evident, but I struggle on a whiteboard.

And maybe it’s because of this known weakness within, but I really don’t get all excited when something is misspelled. I don’t get ape crazy with a misplaced your or you’re. Or getting there, their, or they’re mixed up. I don’t care if one spells through as thru, or night as nite, or doughnut as donut.

In fact, I like donuts. Day or nite.


Post 3-131

The Week Before the Vacay

Hey Kids,

The week before vacation is an amazing thing.

There are lists of things to do, and because I won’t be there next week, I get them done. It’s like I’m inspired.Lake-Powell

Because I am. The last thing I want to do is to have to try to do something over the phone while I’m trying to recreate.

The second last thing I want to do is to have to work twice as hard when I get back. Or have the boss man on my tail because something didn’t get done.

So double the effort now. I can because there’s an end in sight. It’s a push to a finish line.

I wonder though, why don’t I work like this all the time and just be ahead?

If I got a week’s vacation every other week, maybe I would.


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