Goal Post

Hey Kids,

Hit the gym this morning.751-1120-FootballGoalpost

It felt good.

I asked my sweetie how come when it feels so good, do we resist and not go to the gym?

We have no answer.

Cold is now settling in. The ride to work had a number starting in the 30’s; 36 I believe. We might be down to freezing in the morning. Despite the frozen hands and danger of ice, I love riding no matter the temperature; unless there’s snow on the road.

Today parts of the valley had snow on the ground. Luckily it was the west side and not the east, where I live.

Heading back to the gym tomorrow. Late start to work so we’re going to get after it.

Great writing session this morning. It’s amazing how even I don’t know the details of the story until I write it. I remember now why first drafts are so much fun!

I think I rambled on enough for now, my eye lids are slamming shut. So glad I have the goal to write every day or else this blog post never would’ve been.

PSA: Set goals and stick to them.


NaNoWriMo: 6,600/50,000

Day 254

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