Expected Unexpected

Hey Kids,

Heavy snow hit us today. Heavy as in wet and heavy as in a lot of it for this time of year. Officially, it was reported as 1-3” but with the lake effect snow, some places got a lot more than that and the mountains got over a foot.

It was predicted and yet it took people by surprise. I was no different. I knew it was coming and knew it was to hit yesterday and continue over night. And yet I still believed that I would ride my motorcycle in to work today. I was wrong and greatly disappointed this morning.sne_i_beijing_20_marts_2013_1_2

I settled for a ride into work with my honey. All the way in, I muttered how the roads weren’t so bad and I could’ve rode in and she kept pointing out all the slush and saying I couldn’t have. She eventually told me to stop my belly aching, and I did. I rode the bus home and started reading a new book. I will be on the bus and not riding tomorrow as well.

The snow hasn’t stop at all today and is to continue through the night. I’m sad because I’ve been spoiled by a mild winter, and it’s April 15th!

The amazing thing out of this storm, however, is not the storm. It can snow here in April and one should expect that realistic possibility through mid-May. The amazing thing is how people forget. People think that it’s crazy and unprecedented. So when the forecast calls for snow, we don’t believe it. We take no preparations for it, and act shocked and appalled when snow happens.

Like the weather as in all things, know the reality. Prepare for the unlikely but possible. Take it like a trooper. And in this case, know that’ll only last a short time and everything will be back to normal. Or did we already forget about global warming?


Day 51

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