Trade Rumors

Hey kids.

It’s been quite a week or so. During the current pay period, I’m now 2 days ahead in the amount of hours worked over what would be normally expected. I also feel like I’m two days short in living.

The money is good, but the loss of time is expensive. What might I have done with that time for myself. Instead, I cashed it in. It’s a terrible habit to get into. But then again money buys the things I like. Getaways, dinners and movies with my favorite person in the world, my wife; and the ability to keep the lights on, the heater warm, and the vehicles working. For all the evil money might bring, it can bring good things too.

I had a dream recently. In this dream I had the impression that I would only live to 57. That gives me 4-5 years. What am I doing with those years? Where is this trajectory heading? Is that much time enough? What if that really is all I have?

I know it was just a dream. But it makes me think. What if it isn’t.

I work for the dumbest department ever. I leave work almost every day shaking my head and wishing I could just walk away. Not almost every day, but every day. It’s must be what it’s like to play on a professional sports team that really sucks. You get the game, you can try your best, but the collective effort from the team is lacking. Lacking to the point that it’s laughable. I’m struggling to want to step in the batters box, knowing that the pitcher can just pitch around you. And if he doesn’t, your hits, or number of hits don’t matter because no one is batting behind you to drive you around the bases for a run. And even if you do score a run every now and then, your pitching sucks. You just hope the organization trades for better people around you, or maybe even trade you off to a contender.

The trade wire is quiet.

So I have a few more seasons to win a championship. Or maybe just a batting title. Or even a golden glove. Is there still enough gas in the tank? Is there a way to rise above or away from a losing team? Is there still a dream to realize?

I must try.

To not would be like a called third strike.


As we move into the future, the opportunities of being watch, recorded, and listen to are constantly increased. Phone mics can be activated remotely, webcams can be used to spy, and digital assistants are always listening, learning, and getting to know our preferences.

Are we ever alone?

Does it alter what you would do if no one was watching?

Do What They Say or Just The Opposite

January is the diet month. The month many people resolve to lose that extra weight. The month to start the year to make a difference.

But how to diet?

Some say low carb. Others high carb. Again others say high protein, or low protein, or moderate protein.

Some say red food, some say green.

You see, if you start to read about diets, you’ll find they all work and at the same time, none of them do.

If you’re one of the many hoping to make this year the year to diet your way to a new you. Good luck.


You Tube U

I am one of those who belong to that new religion of Instant Pot.

I love watching Infomercials, especially for music collections and cooking devices. The pressure cooker show sold me completely and I put it on my goal list to add this device to my collection.

I may be gullible but I’m also really cheap. I hate to spend money, mostly because I generally have none to spend. It’s a great combination actually, cuts down on the clutter, but I recognized a good idea when I saw one.

The featured pressure cooker may have been great in principle, but was it the best one. It’s very important to get the best bang for the buck! After hours of searching, researching, watching videos, and watching eBay and Amazon, I finally settled on an 8 quart Instant Pot brand pressure cooker.

I didn’t realize until after my purchase that it had such a cult following, but its faithful brought a lot of information to the table. I could learn to cook anything. And I did. And I am continuing to grow as a member of this new religion.

Like in most belief systems, there would come a trial of my faith. Popcorn.

The videos made it look so simple. Put the oil in. Put the popcorn in. Start the movie and snuggle up on the couch with my sweetie and listen to her shower me with praise of how perfect the popcorn tasted. Alas, it didn’t work. I had way more not popped kernels than popped and a distinct burnt smell throughout the house.

Again I tried and failed.




Had I been duped? Back to YT university I went.

A hack they call it. A simple way to manipulate a device for a better result. There in the scriptures of visual revelation a video appeared in my search. I tried it. It worked. My wife loved me again, at least my popcorn anyway.

The solution was simple; put a quarter under the pot and over the temperature sensor. This little act attenuates the reading and leaves the heating element on for a longer period of time.

Is it safe? I’m sure. Is it recommended? Probably not. Did it work? Yes!

From car repairs, to conspiracy theories, to unlocking cooking secrets; I am a faithful student of You Tube University. I only wish they gave out degrees to put on my resume.

Hold It!

As the current version of a federal government shutdown continues, I would think there would be some important issues. I guess some things are more important to others than to me.

I grew up believing the less government the better, and I still feel that way. And shutdowns on occasion seem like a good idea really. Maybe we can learn that all these services actually cost something and we can rethink what we pay for. Somethings may be good, some bad.

Apparently, according to the news casts, bathrooms at public parks are the biggest issue. Barring “emergency situations” can we not as a people hold it a little. #1 is a little tough to manage but can we not control #2 a little better than leaving it behind to a point the parks need to be shut down?

Do we really need the government to be our potty master?


Hey kids,

I’ve got my lazy moments. At the time of this writing, I’m sitting in my chair with my feet up, with the TV on, and sipping raspberry tea.

Of course, this is following a near 14 hour shift.

I have my lazy moments and maybe I’m slow in getting my next book finished; but if you need something, if you need me, if there’s something that needs to be done; I’m there.

I don’t know what it is that makes one person willing to work and another willing to let others do it. I don’t understand a person that is willing to stand back and watch someone else do something they could do but won’t, or concede that someone can out work them, or willing to be the served upon.

It frustrating to see it. It’s aggravating to watch lazy. But deep down I’m glad as hell I’m not one of those people.

Holiday Pay

Hey kids!

Today was the first paid holiday of the year. I worked. I figured I can always use some extra money.  It surprises me how many people pass the opportunity.

Last October, I laid my motorcycle down on a rainy ride home from work. The bike was a total loss. So today I put the equivalent amount of  the money I earned today down on another motorcycle.

Tomorrow, I’ll complete the deal and have my new (er) motorcycle by end of week. (Stay tuned for details on that later).

My point? Working this morning and buying the motorcycle had no direct connection. I could’ve done either without the other.

But working this morning, and knowing that the extra money made from the simple sacrifice of giving up some time on a day I would’ve wasted anyway could be used for something I really wanted; it made the down payment technically free.

Always take the OT.

End of 18

Hey kids!

There have been some bad things this past year. But overall, really; it hasn’t been that bad of a year. Pretty much like the rest of them. And I imagine as well as the ones coming up.

This is not a negative thing. It’s just a thing. The way things are.

I expect big things to happen in 2019. I imagine some bad things will come along as well. But one year from today, it will be declared a good year.

I have a good feeling about it.

Which is as good as anything else.

And Then It’s Been Over A Week

The false alarms ceased.

Last Monday night, the 27th, my older sister, the second oldest of us kids, passed away.

Surrounded by those who loved her the most, and the ones she loved so dearly, the meds were shut off and she drifted off into a sleep and then away from us all.

I wasn’t ready for the feelings of loss. I wasn’t ready to see her kids and grandkids feel her loss. I wasn’t ready for the reality, the tears, and the funeral.

Between her death and her burial was the funeral of my uncle. It’s been a tough couple of weeks. I still not sure how to capture the emotions, to make them make sense. I can’t nicely tuck away the hurt, the anger, or the sadness. I also know life must go on. I really don’t want it to.

I hate that so many around me don’t have to deal with it. Even within minutes of learning of her death, I had to endure smiles and laughter around me. Almost too much to bear.

My sister is gone. Never to hear her voice. Never to read her crazy facebook posts. Never to finally spend those moments remembering back when. Back when we were kids. Back when we were young parents. Or now, now that were old parents.

I couldn’t find the words to share this past week. Forgive me. I still don’t exactly know the words to share now.

My sister was a hell raiser. She burst out from our Mormon upbringing and broke all the rules. She drifted in and out of our lives as trouble came and went in hers. She live in, what seemed to me, chaos but brought out of it five wonderful nieces and nephews for us all to share.

Her last days were good and bad, as the ICU goes. Would she make it, would she not? Some moments it felt like minutes left, others like she would be done with it all and be ready to go home and on to the next concert.

Her last night, however, was mine.

After sending the exhausted other people home to get rest, I promised to stay with her through the night and to stay up for her should she need anything, or should something change. Everyone left.

For the next several hours, my sister and I visited, just the two of us, in-between her sleeping episodes. We talked of old times, we spoke of new times, and we laughed at the stupid late night hokie westerns on the TV. She seemed strong, ready to beat this thing, and she made me believe during that long night that there would be others. There wouldn’t be.

In the early morning, things turned. She wasn’t quite as with it. The doctors words weren’t so encouraging. Her voice got lighter and her breathing got heavier.

That afternoon and into the evening, she said her good byes to everyone individually- although at times we weren’t sure if she thought maybe it was just good night she was syaing. She told the group, “I love you all.” And all sounded back, “we love you too”.

And then she was gone from our lives.

My uncle’s funeral was a short, graveside service only- as he requested. The military sent him off with a gun-fire salute, taps, and a presentation of the colors to his son.

My sister was memorialized two days later in tears but with laughter as we reminisced and shared our version of her with everyone else.

I don’t feel either summed up who these people were and what they meant to us. But how can any service do that?

It just doesn’t seem right that life without them just goes on.


Post # 4-007

False Alarm

I thought tonight was the time I would say my final good bye to my sister.

Her kids surrounded her, the setting sun shine through the window, and she seemed so weak and frail.

Yet it wasn’t to be this night.

My sister, always one to do things the way she would do them, rallied and got stronger as the evening wore on.

A false hope? Perhaps. But a reprieve from feelings and a situation I do not feel ready to tackle.

I’ll take it.

Post #4-006