Ride Like the Mailman

Hey Kids,

Winter tried to make a little comeback today. Late winter that is. The temperatures dropped close to the 30’s and snow fell, then rain, and then snow/rain.

I knew it was supposed to be a bad weather day, but when I headed out in the morning, it didn’t seem too bad. No precipitation, no bone-chilling cold; it was going to be a fine riding day. I slipped on my typical spring riding wear (which is the same as the summer riding wear but with an extra couple of layers underneath) and headed out early this morning.

Around 10ish this morning, I peeked a quick look outside. Snow.

This is what happens when you ignore the forecast. I’d just wait it out.

Around 4, the skies were a light grey, the snow had mostly melted. The wet roads had drained off a bit, and I saw my opportunity.

I began my trip home and it was to say the least pleasant. A few raindrops sprinkled down, but nothing to get wet over. (Pun). So I thought I might as well stop and do some grocery shopping on the way home, grab some items for dinner. I casually shopped and made no haste.

I exited the store to full-on rain. I was mostly wet by the time I reached and loaded the bike. Rain turned to snow, wet turned to wetter, and traffic turned from flowing to slowing.

A long ride later, I reached home drenched.

I could’ve made the trip a lot nicer for myself. Rain gear. Hurrying home. Both would’ve paid dividends. But then again, there’d be no adventure.11211_625372357528266_1248429372_n

Riding a motorcycle full time, is adventurous. Everyone pictures the sunny summer days, motor revving, hair flowing, and being cool. But MC riding, true MC riding, means facing all the elements. And I’m not complaining.

I love the bike. I love the pros and the cons. I love the sun. I love the rain. The sun a little more, granted. But it all is part of the game.

If you’re going to ride, don’t short yourself and be a fair weather rider. Experience it all. Soak it all in. Let the ride seep down to the bone.

Ride. Ride. Ride.


Day 44

2 thoughts on “Ride Like the Mailman

  1. I’m lucky as i live in the sub tropics and the only thing that stops me ridjng is when the tarmac is so hot it melts… not fun when you’re cornering.

    I’ve never ridden in snow. Not sure how I’d go with that.


    • Snow isn’t much fun and on a heavy cruiser, it sucks and pretty much impossible if on the road.
      I can’t wait for it to be warm again and envy you guys who have true bike weather year round. I’m thinking I might need to move south sometime, or at least learn to migrate for the winter.

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