Twice The Christmas- A Novella


“If you’re real, I need your help.”

Riley Thomas hoped the hospital’s Christmas tree angel would help him and his family. But as real life crashes down around them, he finds that it is he who needs to do the helping. Can this small eleven year old boy be strong enough to endure his struggles of loss and life as well as support his mother in hers? Can he make good on a promise made to his dying twin brother? Can Riley and his mother hold on to each other and still keep the memories of the past?

In an emotional rollercoaster of a story, mixed with the hurdles and blessings of extended family, a social worker, neighbors, a Chaplain, and a Detective nick-named “Hound Dog”, author Mike M Jensen takes us from one Christmas Eve to the next, from the hope of a young boy to the despair of his mother, and from within the home to deep within the heart. Be sure to bring your tissues and to be prepared to share with Riley the meaning of “Twice the Christmas”.

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