Rumor Confirmed

Hey Kids,

Usually a storm moves in. Sometimes it’s announced by a warm up and then a cold front. Sometimes it comes in suddenly with a massive wave of weather. Sometimes it sneaks in during the night and ruins unsuspecting morning commuters.

No matter the entry, there are clouds and the snow falls down. This is normal.

Then there’s Wyoming.

Today the sky was clear and sunny; there were no clouds. And yet it snowed.

Like the misty depiction of the destroying angel from the Ten Commandments, the 50+MPH wind blew the snow across the highway in waves ahead of us. And as the sun descended behind the mountains, the scene became even more difficult to keep track of the lanes and edges of the road. It was as stressful as any other snow storm in which I had ever driven.

I had heard the saying before but I can now attest to its accuracy:

It snows sideways in Wyoming.


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