Two Months In

Today marks two months since I arrived in Dutch John, Utah. What have I accomplished?

On the checklist of tasks accomplished, I’m a little behind. I am working on my book writing and feel good as of late but I had hoped to be further along. I finished a chapter that will be the building block.of the rest of the story. I feel good about that. I have plenty of time to get the major part of this book done. So, good.

I have failed on a daily blog. But here I am again. That’s good. So, good.

I haven’t fished as much as I would have liked. Some of that has to do with the truck. Hopefully this weekend this is remedied. So ok, but could be better.

I have forgotten about my previous job’s stress and uselessness. I have concerns here workwise, but not like before. Those 30 years are gone and not missed. Whew! Monkey removed from back. Happiness is in the wheelhouse daily. Very good!

Two months have changed my life’s trajectory. What lies in the next months to come? Let’s see!

Walking in the Wilderness

My truck and I have not come to terms yet. It remains on strike and I have not yet figured out what it needs to be a form of transportation once again. So I walk.

It’s a 30 minute walk of mostly flat walking. Just one hill really. But it’s mostly overland walking and no roads, or at least recently used roads.

Yesterday, I encountered both antelope and deer. Both seemed really confused by a human walking amongst them.

I also encountered an elk. Kind of.

It’s been interesting and I hope weight losing at the same time.

Tomorrow calls for rain. Could be even more interesting.

What is funny, is how confused humans are that I really don’t mind walking. I’ve enjoyed it so much that when my truck is working again, I think I might still walk. We’ll see.

Time lost, or not.

Hey kids!

It’s hard to understand how a month slips by, but it has. I’m still in Dutch John but some things have changed.

For one, the weather has greatly improved. We are actually deep into the spring and threatening to go into the summer. The snow pack is somewhere around 50% melted and we still have a lot of run off to deal with, but it’s about to be on the down hill side of things.

I have left my paved and civilized campsite and moved up into the dispersed camp site area. I have a beautiful spot that over looks the lake. It is dirt roads in and no services available. I would not have survived earlier in this season up here, but for now and for the summer; it is ideal.

Things have been unsettled since I’ve been here. Somethings I’ll explain as things develop but currently I am again without my truck. It has decided it no longer wants to drive back and forth on these bumpy, dusty roads. Hopefully we will come to terms and reconcil this little difference of opinions.

The season is just about to get rocking. Labor day weekend is upon us. With two months already spent here, I think the time is going to go quick. I hope I can keep all up to date with a more regular schedule of posts.

One important item to note today is the date itself. It is May 24th. 154 years ago, John Westley Powell began his expedition down this river on which I find myself. He and 9 others (Sumner, W. Powell, Bradley, O. Howland, S. Howland, Dunn, Goodman, Hall, and Hawkins) braved the unknown and floated out of Green River, Wyoming.

154 years ago, three of them recorded the day’s events as the sun went down. Much like I am doing today but electronically. They were sitting on a bank under cottonwood. I am in my trailer, on a hill side, amongst the juniper.

If they had not, the details of their journey would have been lost. Likewise for me.

They had no idea who would take an interest in the future. Neither do I. Maybe I’ll have something of interest for someone 154 years from now. Maybe even sooner.

I just need to write, and let it all fall where it does.

A Mouse Still Plagues Me

After 30 years of working in a facility the house, fed, and cared for mice, I now have one that has decided he wants the same deal.

A mouse lives in my trailer. He comes out every night and rummages around my home. I now keep all mouse-penetrable food items in tubs. I keep the dishes cleaned and put away. I wipe down the stove. There is nothing to eat here. Except the daily dose of peanut butter I provide on the worthless traps.

He has beat me in all attempts to this point. He is winning the battle. But mark my words, I will win this war. Id there’s one thing my 30 years of Animal Facility experience has taught me: my lifespan is longer than his.

Maybe There is a Limit

Hey kids,

Maybe there’s a limit to what one person can do. A limit of how much sleep can be denied and how much fun one person can cram into a weekend.

I may have got close this past weekend.


Thanks babe

I suggest sometime you try to find that limit yourself.

I hope you only get close.

It leaves the door open to try harder the next time.


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Perfect Days

Hey kids,

A motorcycle has no top, no doors, and no inside.

The air, as it it on the outside, is as it is on you.

Wind chill, moisture, and heat are all experienced first hand by the rider.

It’s part of the experience. ac0239f797e7fb746c2fa7856ec26968

Let me tell you, some of that “experience” is not as fun, even on those perfect sunny days. In fact, many of those perfect aren’t so perfect. Wind burn, sun burn, and bum burn can also be part of the perfect day “experience”.

I take it all, but the way to make those not-so-perfect characteristics livable is to be prepared for them.

Rain gear, sun screen, and layered clothing can be the difference between enjoyed and endured.

The more you ride, the more you learn what to carry in the saddle bags and how to use them.

Life, in general, is like this too.


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Hey kids,

Since the sun decided to stick around for a second day in a row, we decided to exploit the outdoors once again. Our destination this time would be Chrystal Hot Springs, about an hour and a half to the north.IMG_20160404_023315

I like the hot water but much is made to do with the “healing properties” of the mineral content of the water.

I don’t know.

I feel good afterwards, yes. But like I said, it’s hot water. Lots of it.

Surrounding the pools, attached to the fences, are ad banners for all sorts of “healing” disciplines. This does not add to my confidence. It all makes it into a voodoo hippie vibe. Not at all anything to do with me.

Like so many unseen things, the proof is in the believer. So like many such things, I’m not going to worry much about it.

If the mineral content of the water does provide a medicinal benefit, so be it. If it does not, the hot water felt good for at least the afternoon.

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Crazy Alone

Hey kids,

I know that there’s a good reason most people put their motorcycles away on days like today (upper 30’s to lower 40’s- snow sticking to everything but the roads). But I love being the only bie out there.

It’s not why I ride, and I don’t need other’s praise. But it means something to me to be part of the few, part of the crowd that others think is nuts.

I enjoy being willing to brave the cold and the wet.

I like to be alone where others don’t dare to tread.

I love being one of those guys.

I am one of those guys.


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Easter Feeding Frenzy

Hey kids,

It super early on Easter morning and I’m at work.

As soon as our overnight shift started at 10, the crews have been dismantling the Easter candy displays and moving them to the discount areas for extreme markdowns.

Customers have also been here following the carts of unsold items and candy and scooping them up as fast as they can be placed on their new shelves.Reeses-Eggs

I don’t blame the people for looking for bargains.I don’t blame the store for selling it. But watching the frenzy over the past few hours and even yesterday, I can’t hide my disgust with the commercialization of yet another religious holiday.

I love the Peanut butter eggs as much as the next guy, but I wish everything didn’t have to be about getting or saving the last available pennies just because one can.


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