Tracking Life

The sun finally shone today. Uninterrupted by clouds or snow. It was lovely.

I took the sunny day to get some things done outside. Shoveled some snow away from my trailer, worked on the propane tanks, and troubleshoot a little battery problem that has been happening.

In the “heat” of the afternoon, I took a little stroll around the neighborhood that will soon be full of people once word gets out that spring may have sprung.

Last night the elk cruised by. They were hard to miss and this morning their tracks were all over the hillside. On my walk, I noticed others that have also passed, but unnoticed.

An owl swooped by, but refused to pose for a pic and left no tracks.

And of course my own tracks.

Without the snow. We would have no idea of all the critters that cross our path everyday.

I wonder what else goes on of which we have no idea.

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