So Long as It Has Sprinkles

Hey Kids,

I consider myself a writer. I’m not killing it, but I enjoy writing and most importantly, I write.

I enjoy well written articles, books, and blogs. I love seeing people craft words in a way that make an idea become alive; sentences that wind their way around an idea that it takes the whole of it to get to its punchline conclusion.

From Hemingway’s 6-word short story to Rowling’s impossibly long single sentence descriptions- it’s all good.

I’m not the best raw speller of words, however. Some people just have the knack of guessing correctly. I do not. I’ll slaughter the construction of a word as good as anyone. Now with built in spell check, it isn’t as evident, but I struggle on a whiteboard.

And maybe it’s because of this known weakness within, but I really don’t get all excited when something is misspelled. I don’t get ape crazy with a misplaced your or you’re. Or getting there, their, or they’re mixed up. I don’t care if one spells through as thru, or night as nite, or doughnut as donut.

In fact, I like donuts. Day or nite.


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