The Week Before the Vacay

Hey Kids,

The week before vacation is an amazing thing.

There are lists of things to do, and because I won’t be there next week, I get them done. It’s like I’m inspired.Lake-Powell

Because I am. The last thing I want to do is to have to try to do something over the phone while I’m trying to recreate.

The second last thing I want to do is to have to work twice as hard when I get back. Or have the boss man on my tail because something didn’t get done.

So double the effort now. I can because there’s an end in sight. It’s a push to a finish line.

I wonder though, why don’t I work like this all the time and just be ahead?

If I got a week’s vacation every other week, maybe I would.


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Hey Kids,

It is the day before we embark on our trip to Texas.

I know that many people have made long trips before but in terms of driving; this will be my longest.roadtrip (1)

24 hours they tell me. 24 hours.

That’s like a whole day!

Anyway, today has been filled with “getting ready”.

I’ve got new shoes, new shorts, new socks, and clean everything else.

I have a rental car that I have no idea how it’ll perform.

I’m traveling with people with whom I’ve never traveled long distance.

I’m going to cross through a state in which I’ve never been.

There’s a lot of news and never-been/done’s.

I’m apprehensive to say the least.

This is what vacation is all about, right?



Day 229

10 Days Vacation

Hey Kids,

Today is the last day of what was 10 days away from the day job.

When I return to the grind tomorrow, I am sure many people will ask how they were spent, what I did do, and did I bring any souvenirs back with me? The answer will not be as expected.

I did not visit any faraway place. I didn’t knock out any to-do list, and I visited as few living people as possible. The fact of the matter, I spent most of the days off, at home, with this laptop, writing.13 - 1CAAGXQAX

My company were my characters that spent many re-do’s, change of story lines, and redefinition of arcs.

My places of visit were the scenes that I arranged and re-arranged, many times over- near to the point of scene revolt.

My hours of work were as much as my battery would hold out. My time in between: thinking about it.

What did I bring back as a souvenir? A clear refreshed image of what I want to do for the rest of my life.

It was a great vacation.


Day 160


Working Vacation

On the deck, "working"

On the deck, “working”

Hey Kids,

Today was Monday and it was awesome.

I spent today writing.

I had vacation time from my day job I needed to take. So I used my option to take a vacation. My vacation consisted of spending the day at the apartment and writing.

I worked most of the day picking out words, fleshing out characters, and developing storylines.

It was one of the best days ever.

Do I think I should be a full-time writer?

Since I took a vacation to play one, I think yes.

Find a job you love, and you’ll never work another day in your life.


Day 154