The Race

raceThe race of man is no race at all. From birth to death, time appears to not matter. Man spends it as if it had no value or no end.

It’s only when time is expired that man begs for more. Wishing and regretting while the final ticks whisk away; it’s too late.

Now is the moment to realize there is no time; there are only things to do.

What will I do? Let my wishes expire or act upon them and see them realized?

The race is mine and it never ends. Until it does.


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The Mountain does Yield

Hey Kids,

If you hold a rock in your hand and blow against it, nothing happens.

Or so it seems.

Something does happen, dust is vacated.img_20161014_145743244_hdr

More dust is generated by the surface of the rock being exposed to yet more gusts.

Another pulse of breath, and that dust is gone.

From attempt to attempt, the naked eye sees nothing.

Yet from attempt to attempt, the rock yields to the movement of air.

Effort does not go without effect. Work does not go without results.

Maybe not seen on a daily basis, the long term results cannot be denied.


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Goal and the Problem

Hey Kids,

What is the goal? Finish the latest book.

Is this the only goal? No, I wish to also replace the income of this overnight job.

What is the problem? Time.time

As it is right now, I’m working 72 hours/week at the jobs. With travel and required lunches, that totals about 85 hours a week. That leaves me 83 left. If I sleep 4 hours each day, that would take off another 28 hours, leaving me 55. Within those 55, I need to make sure the sweetie feels loved, get some chores done, and pretend I’m part of the human race. I do think, however, that at least one hour can be devoted to writing activity and at least 30 minutes to the maintenance of this blog.

Why am I writing this down, I’m basically writing out loud. I’d love to have some outside pressure to keep me on track. Feel free to call me to task in the comments.

So this morning (2:45AM), this blog is written. One task for day #1 done. Later, I’ll find my hour and get some work done towards the finishing of Book 2.


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Time Choices

6a00d83452989a69e2010535555f25970b-800wiHey Kids,

Does every minute count?

I think it does.

Do I always act like it?


Should I?

Yes I should.

Yesterday, I spoke of time being our most precious commodity. And yet, I seem to be willing to treat it like it’s free and unlimited. That there will always be time to do what I need to do later. That needs to change.

It doesn’t mean that my life has to be a constant stress but it merits some design and planning. There’s a lot of work to be done and if the work is done and/or there’s a design in place, it’s ok to use some of it on frivolous things occasionally.

I need to make sure I choose how to spend each minute, decide for myself if the choices I make move me towards or away from my goals.

My biggest goal is to be happy, to be proud of who I am and what I’ve accomplished. I owe myself some effort and discipline to realize it.

Money will come and go. Time, however, is finite. It comes and it’s gone. And what’s worse, we have no idea how much will actually come our way.

Make the minutes count because they are counting down, and there’s no refund.


Day 127

Worth of Time

Hey Kids,

Having a job. It’s a weird concept really. Most of us exchange our time for money. It’s the only way many of us have learned to survive. Without a job, we lose everything.IMG_6020

I’ve been thinking if the money I get is really worth my most precious commodity, time. I look at my paycheck and get the feeling that it is not. And what really bothers me is that no matter what someone is willing to give me for that time, they are obviously reselling my effort for a higher price.

I hate feeling like I’m getting worked over.

I want to establish my own value.

Maybe I’m nuts on this subject, but if I’m right it’ll be worth it. If I’m wrong, I’ll be exactly where I am today.

Are you getting your worth?


Day 126

When 70 Years Rolls Around

Hey Kids,

Time leaves marks but we don’t seem to notice. We think we’re the same today as we were yesterday but when those yesterdays blur into yesteryears, we are shocked by the differences we see.IMG_20110725_085845

I found a marking on a tree while hiking. Other than the date left, 1945, I would have never been able to venture a guess at the age of it. And I would have never guessed 70 years. I wouldn’t have guessed the tree was that old. Shows how much I know.

I wonder if the authors are still around. Do they remember leaving it?

I’m not one who openly supports graffiti but in this case, I’m glad it happened.

And I wonder, what, if anything, will be left of me and my mark in 70 years?


Day 58

Searching for Life’s Mysteries

1e01f62c38d8b8bb3d27588c8cfe09efI’m not sure if it’s the nearer to death one becomes as one gets older in age, or that I realize now that I am beyond dying young and with no assurance to grow older than what I already am, but I find myself weighing each decision I make with more gravity and spending more time wondering if it is the “right” thing to do. I find that, instead of savoring my time and experiences, I have fallen into the trap of overthinking the value of everything.

The problem with the pondering and assessments is that it rarely leads to more time “doing”.

I feel some important things have fallen to the wayside or have slowed down to speeds unacceptable.

Not unacceptable because of no other reason than I want to do more stuff. Not as a rush against a two-minute clock or anything. Instead it’s more like: “Why do I care what it’s worth if it’s what I want to do?”

My writing has slowed down. This blog is a great indicator of a general lack of committing enough time to wrte as much as I want to. One of my main goals for this blog is to leave a record of my thoughts. Remember when Blog meant Web Log, or Web Journal. Now too many times, Blog means marketing. Not exactly why I started my first blog years ago and not exactly enough reason to make me want to write posts. When I blog, I blog because I want to.

I write posts in my head all the time while riding my motorcycle; however, it’s not very condusive to taking notes, or leaving behind a posted entry. I write posts in my head because I enjoy it. How have I allowed life to take place of writing posts for real? I know it’s mostly for me anyway. It’s time to write more blog posts. If any of you read them, I hope you enjoy them. And if you like the posts, maybe I can interest you in a book. *Eye brows raising up and down*. Seriously, do as you wish, that’s what I’m doing.

And Fishing. I really need to fish more.

Ice-off is coming soon to my favorite lake. I will be fishing it. And then I will not stop until it’s frozen again. I will set a goal of how many times my waders need to be wet each month. There’s always something more important than fishing. At lease in other’s eyes, and yesterday in my own. That has to change.

There was a time that I dreamed of being a guide. The big reason I decided not to pursue that dream was that I worried about feeding the family and the thought of leading others to that fish of a lifetime and then being the one at the end of the net and not at the end of the fly rod just didn’t seem right.

And with that dream lost, I somehow also gave up my effort to be as good as a guide, to think it was important to keep the pulse of my waters,  to be the expert, to always know where the fish were, what were they hitting, and to always be into many huge fish. I let things more important dictate skilled fishing wasn’t worth the time and effort.

Life is short. It flies by so fast. And when one is looking at the last stretch of forty, one never knows just how short the remainder might be.

But a lot can be stuffed in a very little. And if God grants me anywhere near as many years in the future as he has in the past, and I fill, no, stuff them with the things I want to do, I have a feeling I won’t feel cheated or wanting.