Hey Kids,

Rules. I know we need them, well some of them.

Rules keep us all in line. They keep cars on the right side of the road, or the left for some of you.

They help keep us all in line in regards to each other.

They establish standards and expected conduct. They make us feel safe and secure.

A problem arises and a rule makes it better. More problems, more rules.

And then there comes the people who live by these rules, who live to obey these rules, who live to make sure others live by those rules.

I’m a guidelines kind of guy. There’s a time to walk in step and a time to walk outside the lines.

There’s a time to be obedient and a time to be inquisitive.48days-podcast-graphic-6-18-15-300x300

There’s a time to submissive and there’s a time to be rebellious.

When the rule outranks the person, it’s no longer a rule; it’s a stick.

When I was a child, I thought like a child. Now that I’m older, I;ll think for myself

It might be why I get a long with my motorcycles so well.


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