Goal and the Problem

Hey Kids,

What is the goal? Finish the latest book.

Is this the only goal? No, I wish to also replace the income of this overnight job.

What is the problem? Time.time

As it is right now, I’m working 72 hours/week at the jobs. With travel and required lunches, that totals about 85 hours a week. That leaves me 83 left. If I sleep 4 hours each day, that would take off another 28 hours, leaving me 55. Within those 55, I need to make sure the sweetie feels loved, get some chores done, and pretend I’m part of the human race. I do think, however, that at least one hour can be devoted to writing activity and at least 30 minutes to the maintenance of this blog.

Why am I writing this down, I’m basically writing out loud. I’d love to have some outside pressure to keep me on track. Feel free to call me to task in the comments.

So this morning (2:45AM), this blog is written. One task for day #1 done. Later, I’ll find my hour and get some work done towards the finishing of Book 2.


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