So Many

Hey Kids,

Working at the Big Grocery Store, I’ve noticed that everything sure has a lot of options nowadays.

Remember when there was just creamy or crunchy?aisle

Now there’s Creamy, Crunchy, reduced fat of each, no fat, less salt, not salt, a little less salt than that other guy, natural, gluten-free, extra peanuts, extra creamy, super chunky, some with all of the above , and one with Farfegnugen. And each in the Family, Super Family, economy, and on the go sizes.

I don’t mean to complain about choice, but maybe we’ve hit a little bit of an over kill.


Day 291

Time Choices

6a00d83452989a69e2010535555f25970b-800wiHey Kids,

Does every minute count?

I think it does.

Do I always act like it?


Should I?

Yes I should.

Yesterday, I spoke of time being our most precious commodity. And yet, I seem to be willing to treat it like it’s free and unlimited. That there will always be time to do what I need to do later. That needs to change.

It doesn’t mean that my life has to be a constant stress but it merits some design and planning. There’s a lot of work to be done and if the work is done and/or there’s a design in place, it’s ok to use some of it on frivolous things occasionally.

I need to make sure I choose how to spend each minute, decide for myself if the choices I make move me towards or away from my goals.

My biggest goal is to be happy, to be proud of who I am and what I’ve accomplished. I owe myself some effort and discipline to realize it.

Money will come and go. Time, however, is finite. It comes and it’s gone. And what’s worse, we have no idea how much will actually come our way.

Make the minutes count because they are counting down, and there’s no refund.


Day 127