Salmon-chanted Feeding

First a word. In this case “first”.

And then another, and another, and another. Before long, there’s a sentence. And then a paragraph, even if an improper one. And just like that, the writing has started all over again.

So much has happened since my last post, it would take like a year to fill it all in. So I won’t. However, this year won’t be so lucky, nor undocumented.

So welcome back to both you and me. I’ve missed you.

At the time of this writing, an uncle is finishing his run. Any day now the call will be received of his passing.

An unprecedented effort is currently being spent in the Pacific Northwest to preserve a particular Orca, J50, and the pod to which she belongs. Antibodies and dewormers are being injected. Live salmon are being released to secretly feed the young whale, and everyone involved is hopeful that the plight of this one whale turns people’s attention and care to preserving the ecosystem of our oceans.

Upstairs, new neighbors are moving in. A new start in hopefully a healthy apartment staircase community. One never knows at the start where the series of events leads. Will it be good, or will it be bad?

Where am I in my career? Definitely not the start. I’m too old to call anything a start.

The end? I sure hope not.

The time to relaunch? Yes. It’s time to pick up the race one more. I’m not Whale J50; but I’m hungry for salmon.



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Make it a Home Run Derby

Hey Kids,

One-at -bat, as my online mentor Gary Vaynerchuk would say.

You get one shot at this life. Within the one-at-bat you’re granted,
you’ll have moments of strikes but ultimately one result. A result you’ll never realize until it over.

Except in this scenario there is no 3 strike limit.


Reggie Jackson- Mr. Oakland

No limit to hits, no other inning but the ninth, and always playing for the win.

I’ve had some worries lately and I’ve been letting it get me down. But my dear Annette
also reminded me how stupid that approach is. She lives for today with an eye to the future. She never passes a good laugh, time spent with those she loves, and a good long bath with bath salts.

She reminds me of what’s good in this world, what’s important, and what’s not.

Success and happiness are always waiting at the next pitch.

I think it’s time to let it rip and swing for the fences.


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Hey Kids,

I know it seems silly to some, but others might relate. This past weekend, I stepped aboard a boat that I own. I know it’s just a share and I have to share it with others, but when I have the helm, the boat is mine.

Years ago, I lived on the Sacramento/San Joaquin delta. I watched the boats head out as I fished from the shores. I dreamed of my own cabin cruiser. I thought how cool it would be if I could head out to the distant parts of the maze of islands, drop anchor, and sleep to the sways and lifts of the river current and tide.

I watched boats for sale but it never seemed possible. Not only did I have the struggle to buy a boat that would accommodate the dream, I had to figure out how to pay for a vehicle to pull it, or the ability to pay for a berth in a marina.

I backed off my big boat dreams when we relocated to Utah; trout lakes didn’t need them. I figured though that any boat would do. I still had the vehicle issue but I was ready to concede to a small fishing boat. After many discussions, the stated promise was a baby for a boat.

Five babies later, no boat appeared on the horizon. Responsibilities called and I happily answered. Although dormant, the dream remained.

Last October I stepped on a dock of boats equipped for big water, on another big river. This time it was the dammed Colorado they call Lake Powell. The slips were full of all varieties of cabin cruisers, yachts, and houseboats. Some of the boats were as short as 25’ and others stretched out to near as 80’. It made me recall the days and desires of the

I decided then and there the time had come. After scanning listings, reading specs, and calculating costs; we landed on our ship. A 47’ house boat named the Skipper’s Dream. This past weekend I made the baby step off the dock and onto my new and first boat.

It’s been a long time coming and it’ll be another month before we get to power it out of the slip. And then another week after that before we’ll have the helm. Unassisted and unhindered in our decision of heading and destination, the dream will be fulfilled and room made for the next one.


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Write Now, Fish Later

Hey Kids,

Today would’ve been a lovely day to go fishing. It rained all day yesterday and this morning we woke to blue skies and sunshine. Of course if I had been going fishing, I would’ve been gone long before the sunshine ever showed up.

I had thought seriously about breaking out the kayak. This past week I had received some new lures in the mail and I’ve been hankering to give them a spin. I watched the YouTube videos on their use, the strategy, and the secret methods. Yes the sunny Sunday was to be my fishing extravaganza.

But there’s this thing about working.whining

I know the day job is Monday through Friday. So the weekends are for fun, right? Except when you have decided to write yourself out of the miserable existence that is working for other people.

So I passed on the angling and took to the writing. Good progress was made and the sun streaked across the sky and back into the western horizon. Day over.

Work is the name of the game. Without it nothing happens; with it, anything can.

There’ll be other days to fish. With any luck, they’ll be during the week between Mondays and Fridays.


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Frenchly Done

Hey Kids,

Potential is a French word that means that you’re not worth anything yet.

Motivation is also a French word. It means you haven’t done anything yet.

To reach your potential, skip the motivation and go straight to another French word: Faire.

Faire means to do; to work. Do that and make potential irrelevant.

Some might say life isn’t fair and you get what you get.

I say “faire” makes it right and for all the others, well, c’est la vie.


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Tipping the Scales of Time

Hey Kids,

I’m overweight.

No, actually, I’m double-weight. Close enough anyway.

When I was a young man, I wasn’t. Instead, a skinny 140 pound kid was I.

In an attempt to gain extra playing-weight for high school football, I ate everything I could get my hands on. After the last game of my junior year and the bright lights of my first senior year game, along with constant weight-training, my new body tipped the scales at 145 pounds, a grand total gain of 5 pounds.faat

My problem has changed. I can gain 5 pounds before breakfast now. Over the course of the 30 years since high school, I have vastly surpassed my playing weight goals. I’ve tried to be more conscience of what I eat, but that just makes me hungry. A visit to the gym this morning hasn’t helped yet either (maybe I need to do it for three days in a row or something).

Seriously I need to shed pounds, if for no other reason than to help the kayak stay afloat. Rid of 90-100 extra pounds, it’ll be easy to hike the mountains I want to summit, clothes will be cheaper, shoes will last longer, and I’ll save gas on the motorcycle with every ride.

A thinner me is a good idea.

A thinner me is necessary.

A thinner me is coming.


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Wear It Out

Hey Kids,

Every day is a reset.

Old pictures revel bad haircuts, outdated fashions, lost friends, hopeless relationships, and unrealized dreams.

But we thought we were on top of it then; so hip.

I can think of things I did or said yesterday that I could have tried harder or phrased better.

I think I have it all figured out in the morning and yet ready to hang it up by nightfall.resetbutton

It’s that figured out part in the morning that’s important.

Each morning is a new chance to do it right.

The rooster is crowing.


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Weekend or End of the Week?

Hey Kids,

After a weekend of fun, returning to work is such a downer.

Sitting at my desk, I couldn’t help but think that just 24 hours sooner, I was waking up in Moab.

img_20170107_171009450So why was I back to the day job?

Oh yeah, bills, money, food. Not necessarily in that order.

Some will say that it’s important to keep perspective. The weekend is just that. It’s a time to refresh, have some fun, but real life is about responsibility and hard work. “Adulting” is what some people call it.

I think it needs to go the other way. Work should be the fun thing. Weekends should be just a break to help you stay at your best.

I think I’m doing it all wrong.


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Goal and the Problem

Hey Kids,

What is the goal? Finish the latest book.

Is this the only goal? No, I wish to also replace the income of this overnight job.

What is the problem? Time.time

As it is right now, I’m working 72 hours/week at the jobs. With travel and required lunches, that totals about 85 hours a week. That leaves me 83 left. If I sleep 4 hours each day, that would take off another 28 hours, leaving me 55. Within those 55, I need to make sure the sweetie feels loved, get some chores done, and pretend I’m part of the human race. I do think, however, that at least one hour can be devoted to writing activity and at least 30 minutes to the maintenance of this blog.

Why am I writing this down, I’m basically writing out loud. I’d love to have some outside pressure to keep me on track. Feel free to call me to task in the comments.

So this morning (2:45AM), this blog is written. One task for day #1 done. Later, I’ll find my hour and get some work done towards the finishing of Book 2.


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