Perfect Days

Hey kids,

A motorcycle has no top, no doors, and no inside.

The air, as it it on the outside, is as it is on you.

Wind chill, moisture, and heat are all experienced first hand by the rider.

It’s part of the experience. ac0239f797e7fb746c2fa7856ec26968

Let me tell you, some of that “experience” is not as fun, even on those perfect sunny days. In fact, many of those perfect aren’t so perfect. Wind burn, sun burn, and bum burn can also be part of the perfect day “experience”.

I take it all, but the way to make those not-so-perfect characteristics livable is to be prepared for them.

Rain gear, sun screen, and layered clothing can be the difference between enjoyed and endured.

The more you ride, the more you learn what to carry in the saddle bags and how to use them.

Life, in general, is like this too.


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