A Mouse Still Plagues Me

After 30 years of working in a facility the house, fed, and cared for mice, I now have one that has decided he wants the same deal.

A mouse lives in my trailer. He comes out every night and rummages around my home. I now keep all mouse-penetrable food items in tubs. I keep the dishes cleaned and put away. I wipe down the stove. There is nothing to eat here. Except the daily dose of peanut butter I provide on the worthless traps.

He has beat me in all attempts to this point. He is winning the battle. But mark my words, I will win this war. Id there’s one thing my 30 years of Animal Facility experience has taught me: my lifespan is longer than his.

One thought on “A Mouse Still Plagues Me

  1. Update:
    One mouse caught in a trap.
    One pack rat went head to head with me and met my hand-swung boot.
    I left for the next night and returned to one more pack rat in the trap.

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