Hey Kids,

I know it seems silly to some, but others might relate. This past weekend, I stepped aboard a boat that I own. I know it’s just a share and I have to share it with others, but when I have the helm, the boat is mine.

Years ago, I lived on the Sacramento/San Joaquin delta. I watched the boats head out as I fished from the shores. I dreamed of my own cabin cruiser. I thought how cool it would be if I could head out to the distant parts of the maze of islands, drop anchor, and sleep to the sways and lifts of the river current and tide.

I watched boats for sale but it never seemed possible. Not only did I have the struggle to buy a boat that would accommodate the dream, I had to figure out how to pay for a vehicle to pull it, or the ability to pay for a berth in a marina.

I backed off my big boat dreams when we relocated to Utah; trout lakes didn’t need them. I figured though that any boat would do. I still had the vehicle issue but I was ready to concede to a small fishing boat. After many discussions, the stated promise was a baby for a boat.

Five babies later, no boat appeared on the horizon. Responsibilities called and I happily answered. Although dormant, the dream remained.

Last October I stepped on a dock of boats equipped for big water, on another big river. This time it was the dammed Colorado they call Lake Powell. The slips were full of all varieties of cabin cruisers, yachts, and houseboats. Some of the boats were as short as 25’ and others stretched out to near as 80’. It made me recall the days and desires of the

I decided then and there the time had come. After scanning listings, reading specs, and calculating costs; we landed on our ship. A 47’ house boat named the Skipper’s Dream. This past weekend I made the baby step off the dock and onto my new and first boat.

It’s been a long time coming and it’ll be another month before we get to power it out of the slip. And then another week after that before we’ll have the helm. Unassisted and unhindered in our decision of heading and destination, the dream will be fulfilled and room made for the next one.


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