1900>800, and Most Others.

Hey Kids,

I don’t mean to be crass or to put anyone off, but it needs to be shared.strat

After traveling around these past winter and spring months, living within the limits given, and enjoying the easy going ride of the 805cc Suzuki motor.

But there is nothing like straddling atop 1900cc, twisting the throttle, feeling the power, feeling the roar of the twin-V Yamaha engine; and knowing you’re the king of the commute.


Post 3-156

Blog Cancelled

Hey Kids,

I know that the rule of thumb is to do it every day.

The true professional, or the person most wanting to succeed, must put in the time, put in the practice, or punch the clock as it were; every day whether you feel like or not. I’ve adopted this approach to writing and especially in writing this blog.

Every day I put effort into this blog to bring something thoughtful, humorous, or to share my own ideas, values, or personal achievements. But today I’m not going to do my blog. I’m sorry but I can’t. You see after traveling the two-thirds length of Utah and arriving for our maiden voyage on our houseboat, I did something really stupid.

We arrived at the lake, unpacked all of our equipment and loaded the boat docked in the slip, I returned to our vehicle to release the kayaks from their roost on the roof. Although the same wind that blew against us the entire road trip continued to howl, I removed the ties from one of the kayaks and turned to tend to the strap I had just removed.FHD1839

The kayak, carried in the wind, much like it would on the water, landed straight onto the top of my head and nearly knocked me down to the ground.

The blood flowed. My wife and her daughter came to save me from bleeding to death and we got the other kayaks unloaded and transported to the boat.

Since then, my head gash, my neck, and my pride are going to keep me from writing my blog tonight and sharing what could otherwise be seen as a rather stupid and embarrassing event.

Please accept my apology and continue to think I’m as cool as I try to portray within the posts of this blog and to believe that I never do the same things as stupid people do.


Post 3-134

Tipping the Scales of Time

Hey Kids,

I’m overweight.

No, actually, I’m double-weight. Close enough anyway.

When I was a young man, I wasn’t. Instead, a skinny 140 pound kid was I.

In an attempt to gain extra playing-weight for high school football, I ate everything I could get my hands on. After the last game of my junior year and the bright lights of my first senior year game, along with constant weight-training, my new body tipped the scales at 145 pounds, a grand total gain of 5 pounds.faat

My problem has changed. I can gain 5 pounds before breakfast now. Over the course of the 30 years since high school, I have vastly surpassed my playing weight goals. I’ve tried to be more conscience of what I eat, but that just makes me hungry. A visit to the gym this morning hasn’t helped yet either (maybe I need to do it for three days in a row or something).

Seriously I need to shed pounds, if for no other reason than to help the kayak stay afloat. Rid of 90-100 extra pounds, it’ll be easy to hike the mountains I want to summit, clothes will be cheaper, shoes will last longer, and I’ll save gas on the motorcycle with every ride.

A thinner me is a good idea.

A thinner me is necessary.

A thinner me is coming.


Post 3-065

A Father’s Wish

Hey Kids,

I know that by the time you read this you would’ve already received word from me that I’m getting married this weekend. I hope anyway.shot_1287856973461

I’m struggling right now, wishing all this would’ve been different.

I wish we would’ve recovered our difficulties by now, that our lives would again be shared.

I love you. I miss you. I hope when you read this message, you know I wanted nothing more than you all to be with me.




Day 217

A Modern Miracle of Recovery and Repentance

Hey Kids,

A tremendous weight has been lifted from my shoulders.

Can I get a Hallelujah?

I have sinned and I have repented. And more than repented, I have been redeemed.

Or at least my motorcycle has.

My dear C50, He who died, has been raised again.

He who had good health taken away, has had it given back.

The Good Book

The Good Book

The Suzuki and the owner induced error has been resolved.

The Throttle Position Sensor- justified.

The blemish of the FI light on the dash no more.

A new battery has been blessed and restored the power. As if granted from on high, the starter now starts.

The 2007 Suzuki Boulevard C50 has been restored thanks to the good book and further revelations bestowed by the great Internet.

I, its tormenter, have been severely shamed and admonished to go and sin no more.

At least until the next time I decide to tinker.



(What am I talking about? https://mikemjensen.com/2015/08/16/i-still-want-to-blame-the-bike/ )

Day 187

Haunted by Hummingbirds

Hey Kids,

I had a hummingbird stare me down.

Minding my own business, on the deck with my laptop, working, and minding my own business, a hummingbird took a hovering position in front of me, slightly above my head at a little over an arm’s length. It locked its beady little, albeit cute, eyes on me.

His little wings, a blur, flapped so fast they made that distinctive low tone hum. And he stared, waiting for me to get past my startled stage and come to a full recognition of what faced me.!CDgjYLQ!2k~$(KGrHqEOKkEE0,Q9ssr5BNO0+gn,4!~~_35

At first I thought “Aw, cute.” Then I became uneasy as it held its position for a little longer than I liked. And then I began to imagine its long needle-like beak poking my eyes out.

It surged forward an inch. I froze. It repeated the move. I panicked.

I waved my arms at it, guarding my eyes, while yelling “Shoo! Shoo little bird. You seemingly cute, iridescent agent of evil! Shoo!”

The bird pulled back, gain elevation, and took one last victorious look at me.

I wanted to run, but held my ground, waiting to see its next move. From between my fingers over my eyes, I saw that the bird elevated to the feeder. I kept a cautious, terrified watch.

I’m not sure what spurred the encounter but I felt silly, surprised, and completely owned by this bird, despite the fact I out-weighed it 1,500 to 1. I also thought I could hear a little chirping laughter through the hum of the wings and the thumping of my heart in my chest.

It slurped down some of our home made nectar and buzzed away out of sight as if nothing happen.

A few hours later, I awoke from a short dozing catnap to seemingly the same bird taking the same position. I nearly fell out of my writing chair in alarm. The bird happily buzzed up and bellied up to the nectar bar and had yet another pint and laugh at my expense.

The hummingbird feeder is no longer located near my writing chair.

And by that, I mean my writing chair is now inside the apartment.

On the other side of the sliding glass door.

I’m haunted by hummingbirds.


Day 161

Update on Uncle Harold

Hey Kids,

A quick update on the work I believe is owed to the headstone of Uncle Harold, killed in WWII.

We attacked the headstone with a turf knife and got the edges cut back some. I think some more might be needed but it was a good start.

We brought water and wetted the stone and added some simple dish detergent.

With a stiff brush we began to remove the years of over growth staining. It’ll take a few times and I’ll do some better investigation on maybe some better methods, but for now, I think the progress is good.

I’d be more than open to suggestions to help the process along.




Day 97

Uncle Harold

Hey Kids,

Recently I’ve been drawn to military stories, documentaries, movies and the like. I’ve always been interested but for whatever reason the interest became heightened.

I find myself reflecting on the scenes described or shown and I try to imagine what any of it was like. What would I be, how would I act, how would I survive, and if I did, how would I cope?

Many of the scenarios I imagine, even as far from reality as someone whose never seen a battle can guess; I do not fare so well. I know I want to, but I have no context in which I can pretend I would be anything great. I hope I’m wrong. And I hope I never know.

I think of those who did not make it. The young ones who ended their lives so suddenly and so short. The good and the bad. What a loss. What a loss for their families. What a loss for humanity. Another person who might have a valid opinion when a country thinks of war. Another person who understands the price.

Yesterday I remembered that I have an uncle who did not return from WWII. Obviously I never met him and he died when my mother was 3, she did not know him either. I have no idea who he was, what he thought, or what he could have become. But I know he died. And I know that other than a faint memory of visiting his gravesite (headstone actually, his body is in the Philippines), I’ve never paid any respects to him.

11329966_772156879564101_2161782549950359240_nI corrected this today, I found his headstone, near to my grandparents. It was heavily over grown and soiled with sod, dirt and mildew. My baby and I cleared out from around the flush mounted stone; as much as we could with our hands and paid our respect. I’m ashamed that I haven’t done this before today and I will be returning to do some long-term maintenance later on.

I am proud, of what of what my country was asked to do. The US has some faults and political decisions sometimes cloud our values and desires as a people but as a whole, I’m proud.

The sacrifice of my Uncle Harold will never be realized by me. But I know that a cost was paid by our family. As was many families. And by many families from many nations. Those who gave must know that the world is a better place because of it.

I hope that the US will never be required to sacrifice 450,000 people again. I hope my family never loses another member to a war. But I’m proud to say when they were, we gave.

Thank you Uncle Harold. I hope that one day I can learn and reclaim what we lost. I’m very proud of you.


Day 91