A Modern Miracle of Recovery and Repentance

Hey Kids,

A tremendous weight has been lifted from my shoulders.

Can I get a Hallelujah?

I have sinned and I have repented. And more than repented, I have been redeemed.

Or at least my motorcycle has.

My dear C50, He who died, has been raised again.

He who had good health taken away, has had it given back.

The Good Book

The Good Book

The Suzuki and the owner induced error has been resolved.

The Throttle Position Sensor- justified.

The blemish of the FI light on the dash no more.

A new battery has been blessed and restored the power. As if granted from on high, the starter now starts.

The 2007 Suzuki Boulevard C50 has been restored thanks to the good book and further revelations bestowed by the great Internet.

I, its tormenter, have been severely shamed and admonished to go and sin no more.

At least until the next time I decide to tinker.



(What am I talking about? https://mikemjensen.com/2015/08/16/i-still-want-to-blame-the-bike/ )

Day 187

2 thoughts on “A Modern Miracle of Recovery and Repentance

  1. LOL!
    A bike blessing for you…
    May the Good Lord above bless you and your Suzuki. May He keep you safe from obstacles in your path…vehicular, two legged and four legged creatures. May He keep you alert to all impending danger with wisdom and discernment for proper action. May your journey always be blessed. In Christ’s name. Amen.

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