I Still Want to Blame the Bike

Hey Kids,

It’s a sad day. The Suzuki is sick.

It’s been sick for a little while, but it’s not really sick; it’s been damaged by my repair efforts.

A little while ago, I decided it was time for the valves to be adjusted. I’ve done it before and had no worries about it. The bike had been running just fine, but it was well past the recommended 7500 mile adjustment. So I took a Saturday afternoon and adjusted the valves. Upon reassembly, the warning light came on. I had done something wrong. I had seen this happen before and that time it turned out to be simply a sensor not hooked up right. No big deal.

Next week, I tore it apart again and found no such bad sensor. Hooked it together and warning light came on again. Fine. I’ll figure it out. The engine wasn’t working exactly correct, but I’ll get it, I thought.

Please save me from my owner.

Please save me from my owner.

After work one day, I had a tremendous writing session. So good I spent some extra time to ride out the literary wave, only to discover that I left the key in the bike with the ignition on. Dead battery. Great. Got a jump and headed home. With a quick off and on, I tested the juice. The bike started right back up.

The next morning not so much. The battery didn’t hold enough of the juice to turn the starter. So I took the other bike instead. And then continued to take the other bike for the past several weeks.

Today, the Suzuki had no juice whatsoever. I jumped it again, rode for a while to charge it up. Figured I wouldn’t stop until I got back home and then try to restart it. Unfortunately, I paid too much attention to the parked cop I passed speeding and noticed the stop sign ahead just a little too late. I locked up the back tire stopping and stalled the engine. Despite riding for the past 30 minutes, the battery was still bone dead. Had to call for an emergency, mercy jump.

The bike is back home and I’ll pull the battery out and have it checked or replaced. And then I can get back to figuring out the Error light problem.

The poor thing. It just wants to run and I’ve let it sit.

I’m really angry with myself to allow things to deteriorate to this point. But then again.

How angry can you be when life has allowed you to have a second bike to ride during this whole time?

I’m back to realizing I’m facing a first world problem. Relax says I.


Day 174

8 thoughts on “I Still Want to Blame the Bike

  1. I’ve gotten the place in life where outside of screwing on a new license plate frame, I just spend the cash for a professional to take care of. I did replace a broken front fender and after a couple of hours of cussing and almost deciding to take the fender and bike to the local shop, I actually managed to get it installed! I can’t imagine tackling a valve adjustment myself! Hope you get her up and running soon!

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