Busy Days and Kidney Stones

Hey Kids,

I got some good editing done this morning during my lunch break. I’m afraid, however, that I will not make it tonight. I’m entering my 23rd hour awake since my 3 hour nap yesterday. The writing will have to wait to tomorrow. There are some days busier than others.

Normally, I would be worried that on the second day of the goal reset, I falter. But like I said, not all days are double shifts.

I failed to mention it earlier, but I had my first kidney stone last week. I don’t recommend it. And if you do try it, I then recommend morphine.

On the afternoon that I rushed to the ER, I still didn’t qualify for Top Medical Emergency for the day in the family. My mother was at the same time life-flighted due to heart complications.

What a week last week turned out to be!

My eyes are fighting to stay open. The blog is written and I’ll report more on the writing front tomorrow.


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