Unlikely Good Ideas

Hey Kids,

Never disregard a good idea, no matter the source.

At the day job, a certain process continued to lag behind and hinder our department’s operations. It was simply a question of labor hours and our lack of labor to spend the hours needed.

I asked the crew for ideas they might have; they expressed none.

At the other job, we had a similar issue. The solution was not a popular one yet effective. I drew from that example despite my current opinion of the mess of management that otherwise exists.

I called my crew together and announced that for the last part of the day, we would all work together and focus on the one aspect that held us up. Grumblings sounded and a few opted for silent yet facially expressive protests. In the end, all showed up, all worked as directed, and the process got the boost it needed.

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Unlikely Source of Good Ideas

For me it proves that a good idea is a good idea. The source of the good idea, regardless of the surprise, the singularity, or one’s dislike for it, doesn’t matter. Take it and use it.




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