Swimming With Sharks

Hey Kids,

It can be reassuring but it’s also unnerving.

The all-night department store is the only thing open in this residential community. There is nothing else going on. There’s the few gas stations and a McDonald’s, but this is the big ticket.

If someone was fool enough to try and robbed this store, there is always a cop nearby, if not just outside the door. I haven’t heard of anyone trying but it would be ill-advised. Not only are the cops nearby, they are bored stiff. A call as big as a hold-up would be just the thing I think they would enjoy.swimmingwithsharks

At lunch time, however, I venture out in my car. Like predator fish, it isn’t too long before one of the cars on patrol has you spotted and scoped out. If I sit in my car and write like I am right now, several pass by and swirl around to see what I may be up to. It’s like they smell prey and are swimming by just in case.

Tonight alone, I have been followed once, witnessed another car get pulled over, had two pass-by’s, and watch another truck followed into the parking lot. It really is like swimming with the sharks.

If something goes wrong, it’s nice to know that there’s help almost immediately but I know it’s only a matter of time before I forget to set my turn indicator because I’m watching my rearview mirror.


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