Come Monday

Hey Kids,

Looks like the motorcycle commuting will end at 3 days.

Rain moved in and it’ll be changing to snow tonight. The storms will pass but the cold and snow left behind may not allow riding conditions come Monday.bus stop

I’ll ride in any temp (at least the ones around here), but when there’s ice on the road, the bike has to remain parked.

It’s was so time saving to have the motorcycle this past week. No waiting for buses, no stopping every block, and no set timetable. I felt like a real person again.

Come Monday, I’ll be back to a bus drone.

It’s OK. The earth will keep spinning around the sun and get to leaning back towards the sun (for us northern people anyways) and the snow will all die. The heat and sane riding season will return.

I’m finding as I get older, I enjoy the cold less and less.


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