30 Year Warm-up

Hey Kids,

30 years ago, between the dates of January 14th and 16th, I left the United States and ventured to Geneva Switzerland and ultimately into France. old-laprovence-logo-fullcolor

30 years ago I struggled with the french language, I struggled a little with the bizarre assignment of a 19 year old to preach the gospel, and yet had my entire life in front of me.

I’d spend the next two years living among the French people and learn their language. I’d learn it enough that even today, a French word can displace an English word from memory when I least expect it.

30 years ago, the world became a little smaller place and possible to conquer in the immense time I expected life to give me. I was an American abroad. I walked with a Reagan swagger. Contrary to the reported politics of the day, I was welcomed into more French homes as an American than one was was lead to believe.

Kids on the street would ask if we knew the popular celebrities they saw on American TV shows and movies. When they learned I also hailed from California, and even larger excitement an hope would emerge. It was fun. It made me believe I was special and that the world was at my command.

Then life happened.

Other than a short business trip to Quebec, I have yet to leave the country again. I don’t and never did know any celebrities.

So did any of that stuff 30 years ago matter?

I pursued some endeavors but I could’ve done it with more hunger and assertiveness. I could have stayed up on my French better. I might have even gone back to France. But I did none of these things. And now there is no way to reverse that time.

Spilled milk I say.

Looking back to the events, feelings, and memories 30 years ago I can take away one thing:  I did it then. I actually went to France. I learned and spoke a foreign language. I could do it, and many other things  again. And I can do new and equally exciting things too.

I can finish another book or 100. I write blog posts and articles. I can be my own celebrity. People already ask me to sign my books they buy. And the world is excatly the same size today than it was 30 years ago.

Nothing has changed bit my own perspective.

There was no special magic 30 years ago.I just pursued my dream at the time. I can do that now.


Day #326

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