Crappy is Better Than Zero

Hey Kids,

I apologize for yesterday’s post.

Once actually awake, I reread the post. Wow, error fest.

I’ll confess. It was written at 2 AM and I had been awake since 4 AM the previous day. I think I may’ve been getting a little punchy. Add to that, I wrote the post with my phone and with its shattered screen.

I do not think that those conditions mean that I it shouldn’t be noted that the post was a mess, but I will say that, at that moment, in those circumstances, I produced the best work I could.

I have since reread the post, edited the errors, and smoothed out the wording. So you can go back and see it, but the embarrassing errors have been fixed but others, of which I am ignorant, may have been created.

Funny thing, the very act of writing that post goes along with the point I attempted to make. Sometimes you just have to do it to have results. And results, although not perfect, indicates you are doing. And doing is more than half the battle; without it, there is no battle.luke-yoda-1088x816-444552969187

I committed to write a post for each day. If I had decided that I was too tired, or that my phone made it too difficult, or I claimed brain-dead status; any of those reasons would’ve meant I failed.

The post was crappy but it was done.

And today in correcting the crappy, the point weaved into my head once more. Tonight I find it my inspiration to write this post and to evaluate a few other goals that I have set for myself. Just do it. Then do it again and again. Until the results produce that which you want.

I wrote this post tonight in near same circumstances.

I’d say the crappy post worked after all.


Day 327

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