Phone Blues

Hey kids,

For the second time.within a year I dropped my phone and shattered the glass.

The first time was a fluke but this second time I asked for it.

The lesson: keep the promises you make to yourself.

A long time ago I promised to never run for a bus. I swore I would never degrade myself to be one of those people chasing down a bus, running along side, or banging on the side begging for the door to be opened.

I most definitely would not be the one running like a beggar running across a patking lot, despritly trying to flag down an approaching bus, like a dog begging for a scrap of meat fat fron the dinner table.

But I did this morning and out of my pocket flopped the phone and onto the cold asphalt, face down.

It still works but the lesson was not lost. Never run for buses, they are not worth it.



Day 325

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