Good for Me

Hey Kids,

Mixed day today.

We got our first real snowstorm in Salt Lake. The storm that we all knew was coming hit just as predicted and had all traffic and life wrapped up in a thick white blanket as everyone tried to start the new week.

dnews SnowStorm

Traffic times extended their units of measurement to hours instead of minutes and all schools and places of employment had to learn to deal with late or no-arrivals. I heard there were about 350 reported auto accidents.

For me, I escaped most snowy road involvement. I ran to the grocery store at 5 this morning but after slipping around mostly empty roads, I retired from my traveling. I planned on taking the bus to work but my well being held me home today. So in an unexpected and fortuitous series of events, I received 48 hours of no work required.

The rest has been welcomed and I feel much better this evening for it. I know it will not be for a while before I get to repeat so many days off of both jobs, but I sure needed it.

I’m not sure of my status for tomorrow, it’ll be a game time decision. But suffice to say, the motorcycles are grounded for a few days now.

This bad day for so many other people, work out well for me. Go figure.


Day 294

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