I Have a Friend That’s a Droid

Hey Kids,

The world premiere of star wars is Friday.

I’ve mentioned before that I’m more than just interested in the new installment of the series. I hope it really is good.CVaPd49UAAA-Fkn

This past week, however, I’ve noticed more commercials using a Star Wars theme. It may have been going on longer. I just had  down time on the couch not feeling well and caught more TV time than usual. Anyway, it’s not just Star Wars either. Other major brands use the scenes and theme of other big movies and liken their products or their company goals to that of the movie. For example, a car company talks of how the heroine of the Mocking Jay series was one to whom they could relate.


But regardless of whether they believe what they say or not, or that they have some connection or want some connection with popular movies; does it make you feel better about the product.

It does nothing for me, and in fact comes off as a negative. Wishing almost. “I wish we could be as popular as this movie; so if we have it featured in our commercial, maybe you’ll think we are as cool as Star Wars” A movie no one has seen yet.

Am I thinking about this too much?


Day 295

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