Hey Kids,

One of the great things about sports is the release of emotions.

I dare to say for some, even many, the experience of a sporting event is as much as a lesson in humanities as is a stage performance or display of artwork.

Within the confines of the rules and conditions of a structured game, the human spirit, intellect, and abilities are put to the test against the outside elements, others, and/or oneself.

Challenges are faced and overcome or they remain insurmountable. Challengers are either conquered or surrendered to. Battles are won or lost. The collective battles are added up for a final tally and a winner declared.

And then repeated.

The importance of these arenas rests in the values of each individual. Those sporting events where the results induce a greater emotional outcome, easily become or favorites. These are he challenges that present the most likelihood of failing, and thus the greater joy in the victory.

In sports, when we face our rival, the thought of failure is unacceptable. It burns our soul. To lose, is to admit your failure in the stocks of declaring your purpose and failing. You invested and lost. The wound will never heal, even with future victories. Your wound is mocked and derided and preserved for any to recall and recount. A wound enjoyed by anyone desiring, without any chance to expunge.

This is a rivalry.raiders win

Tonight, I’ll go to bed, happy that for this night, a rival has been vanquished. An enemy that has tortured my soul for the eight previous battles will feel the same pain.

What is the humanity lesson? It’s better to win. Although the wounds of the past remain painful when thought upon, they need not be thought upon while in the sight of fresh wounds of my enemy.

I never said that humanity lessons are always nice.


Day 293

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