My Way of Thinking

Hey Kids,

Watching football tonight, a scenario presented itself.

1:03 left in the game. Seattle, down 10 points to Arizona, drives deep into Arizona’s side of the field. It’s third down. The field goal unit trots out on the field and kicks a field goal.3stooges


According to mathematics, they needed a touchdown and a field goal. In my thinking, you push until you get the 7 points from the Touchdown and then go for an on-sides kick and kick the field goal as time expires.

That was my thinking, my expectations; not that of the professionals.

In reality, it doesn’t matter what order you get the 10 points. To kick the field goal early, it gives you more time to work on the touchdown. Never thought of that.

How many times is my thinking just my thinking and not always the best thinking? Probably more than I would care to know.

That being said, Seattle made the field goal but failed to recover the kick off and lost the game.

Sometimes it doesn’t matter.



NaNoWriMo: 25,125/50,000 (Caught up!)

Day 256

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