Born Free

Hey Kids,

I attended a naturalization ceremony for a staff member today.

It’s the second time that I’ve had the pleasure to do so.

I remember having similar thoughts the last time but this time my thoughts were a little more defined and specific.

The group of new Americans numbered around 120. They represented 47 countries and every continent but Antarctica.American-Flag-in-the-Sun (1)

The main speaker was a well-known local news anchor and reporter. She has left television news to pursue her own on-line magazine. She only went through the naturalization process just last year. She shared the story of her family coming from Iraq to Sweden and then eventually landing in the US. Her father is now an engineer and runs his own business.

The MC also welcomed five of the new citizens to speak. A few of them struggled to express themselves in English but they were each proud to try. All five told of their happiness to now be a citizen and the feeling of having endless opportunities and possibilities for them and their families.

I take so much of this for granted. It made me feel like a slacker for not trying harder. And yet pleased and relieved that I live in a place where at forty-nine years of age, my future is still nearly limitless.

An employee used to tell me a saying his daddy taught him.

“I used to complain about having no shoes, until the day I saw the man with no feet.”

I realized today, I have feet and shoes. And always have.

Now get to stepping.


NaNoWriMo: 26,909/50,000

Day 266

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