NaNoWriMo Catch Up

Hey Kids,

Write, write, write.

That was the order of the day today.

We had a bunch of things to do this morning, and it included getting into the gym for a quick work out but after lunch, it was time to write.Writing-furiously

I feel behind 500 words on Thursday night and then failed to write at all on Friday.

I know that for some, coming up with 3,800 words (the amount I started out behind) in one day doesn’t sound like a huge task. However when you figure those words have to fit into a 50,000 word goal, it is tougher than you think.

In comparison, Stephen King, whose work is nothing but prolific, writes about 1500 words per day. 3,800 words all of a sudden sounds like a bunch.

I failed to reach that number. Instead I finished at 2700. I’m still behind, but if I can put down an equal effort tomorrow, I’ll be caught up.

The trick is not to get behind and if you do, it might take a few days to make up the difference. And if you do fall behind, it’s better to do it in the first two weeks of NaNoWriMo than in the last two.

Wish me luck.


NaNoWriMo: 22,222/50,000

Day 264

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