Fragile Existence

Hey Kids,

It was the first snow that I’ve seen on the ground this season.

It wasn’t a lot but it was sticking and building up.

First Snow on the Ground

First Snow on the Ground

But then it stopped and the weather and the temperatures were just too warm to allow the accumulation to build. Winter, however, is at the door.

I know that it might sound normal to everyone else, but I’m amazed that by the simple tilt of the earth, or changing the angle with which the sun’s rays hit our neighborhood, the same place can be 100°or it can be 0°.

I think I might ponder this more than the normal Joe because I’m out in the weather every day on the motorcycle. The same roads I travel, I either sweat like crazy or I shiver like an aspen leaf when the wind blows.

We live in such a fragile state. If we were any closer to the sun, we’d be toast. Move us just a little bit away and we’re popsicles.

Our existence as humans is so sensitive to so little elevation variation. Our planet has crushing depths we cannot attain as well as mountain heights we cannot endure.

We cannot survive without our clothes and our coats. We have no fangs for hunting. No claws for fighting. We are not the physical apex animal, nor can we effectively swim or travel on foot.

For such an average, unarmed, and weak organism; we sure have done well for ourselves.


NaNoWriMo: 8,926/50,000

Day 255

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