A Hellish Wedding

Hey Kids,

Tomorrow ends our self-proclaimed “Epic October”.

We started it out with our own wedding. We got the green light and planned it and did it.

Next was our trip to Texas to visit my sweetie’s home country.

Now tomorrow is the next event. My sweetie’s oldest son’s wedding.

And like our wedding, it won’t be your classic setting. We went for mountains, fresh air, and a natural setting; they will be exchanging vows in a constructed cemetery, in the middle of a haunted house venue, while in full Halloween costume.

All guests are expected to join in the dressing up part too.

Both her son, and now my step son, and his partner work at the Haunted house, so this actually doesn’t strike any of us as odd. It sounds like it’ll be weird, creepy, and a whole lot of fun.

I expect it to be also tenderhearted and genuine.

I know that there would be some that wouldn’t approve of the venue, of the costumes, or even of the couple.

To hell with them.

Or I guess, considering the venue, to hell with us!

In a staged cemetery anyway.


Day 245

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