Black Wedding

Hey Kids,

Today was Wedding Day!

To say this wedding is different from any other I’ve experienced would be understating the fact so severely that I would be borderline guilty of lying by omission if I failed to say so.

First. Being in a commercial haunted house already set it apart. We were given the run of the place from closing last night until opening tonight. The place is dark, creepy, and well worn. The décor is gruesome and the feeling about it is cheap and spooky. We are in a commercial venture of scaring people- in order to exchange vows of love.

Two. The wedding ceremony was held in what I believe was “Satan’s Throne Room.” The podium for the officiant was an altar of skulls. The walls were black and attended by deformed and tortured souls. The lighting was barely enough for any notes to be read.

Three. The grooms’ arrival consisted of one being brought in within a coffin. The other tied to a furniture hand truck. Both were in full costume: a vampire and a Hannibal-type character.

Four. The groomsmen were zombies. The Maids of Honor were in mourning (dressed in black with veils).

The Poe Cake By:

The Poe Cake By:

Five. The attendees were encouraged to dress up. Most did. The cake was a Poe themed cake.

I would also be remiss if I didn’t mention what was the same.

The exchange of vows. The expressions of love. The sentimentality of what the occasion meant and would mean for the rest of these two gentlemen’s lives.

Tears fell, noses sniffled, and a few even had to be blown. The special nature of the moment wasn’t lost on anyone there that I witnessed.

I’ve noticed a trend of tradition-challenged events; weddings being a main target. My wedding, although not as Haunty as this one, pushed and broke many traditional norms.

What I think is important is the meaning of these events and the understanding of what marriage is, doesn’t change.

From what I saw and heard today, I think the idea of marriage and love were well understood.


Day 246

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