Big Fish

Hey Kids,

What to do on a lazy Sunday:

Sleep in.

Make French toast out of the last of the sourdough loaf from the other day.

Clean kitchen.

Go to a matinee movie. (Bridge of Spies. Excellent movie!)

Walk around the outdoor mall. (For some unknown reason to me, the best mall in Utah called the Gateway sits half abandoned of stores and nearly void of people.)

Such a sweet girl.

Such a sweet girl

Visit the Aquarium to check on our favorite fish the Arapaima. (Don’t tell her but she’s getting so big. That’s a good thing for us, but you know those females and comments about getting bigger.)

Finish off the taco fixings from yesterday.

Watch the 2nd half of my team actually winning their game.

Feed the sourdough starter.

Make a batch of root beer.

Finish up our costumes for the wedding. (Costumes?? I’ll explain more later.)


Cuddle up to a movie with the sweetie.

Go to bed.

For being so lazy, we actually got a few things done.


Day 244

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