Get Your Yam On

Hey Kids,

Tonight’s writing comes from the lawn of the Upshur County Courtyhouse.

I’m at the Yamboree. IMG_20151015_071849_863

Yamboree, you ask?


Just mix Yams and Jamboree and you’ve got it.

It’s the annual city festival held in Gilmer, Texas to celebrate the existence of yams. Or something like that anyway. It’s the age of the Internet. If you really want to know more, look it up.

The city square of the Gilmer has been transformed to a carnival. The smell of fried Oreos, Twinkies, and corn dogs fill the air. Kids are running wild, begging money from their parents, and the rides are filled with screaming kids as they spin, raise and rotate.

It’s crazy.

My normal reaction is to turn away from these scenes. I’m not a big crowd-type of person. But I also see something different happening here.

Groups of families get together and neighbors are shaking hands and greeting each other. There’s laughing and playing, almost enough to drown out the tacky ride music.

Members of this town look forward to this event every year. Family members travel in to be here. It’s a big deal.

Maybe the lights and loud music is a little corny and cheap. Maybe the arcade games are rigged to swindle a little money from the boyfriends showing off for their girlfriends. Maybe the food is extremely unhealthy.

But under the bright, flashing lights, traditions are being created and family bonds are being strengthened.

Go yams!


Day 233

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