Life Fulfillment

Hey Kids,

A salmon returns to the same water source to spawn from which it was hatched.

I read once that studies have shown that the salmon can do this by a keen sense of smell that leads them back to their native tributaries. They can detect the scent of their waters down to parts per billion.

Basically, they follow their nose home and fulfill their life’s destiny.

During my short time here in Texas, I have experienced a similar experience.

texas_map_iconAlthough I don’t have the olfactory skills and accuracy of the salmon, I can attest that there is an urge of the primordial type that stirs my soul each and every time I pass a working barbecue. And when the smoke rises into the air and permeates into my senses, the taste of the meat rests upon my tongue, and the juices become one with my body; I have found my Raison d’être.

Fortunately, it’ not as fatal for me as it is for the salmon.

Day 234

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