Old West Lesson

Hey Kids,

As much as we think we know something, there’s always more to learn.

I love the old West. I don’t consider myself an expert but I know some stuff.

In fact, one of the fun thoughts I have of being on my motorcycle is thinking like I’m like one of the cowboys from back then. Open road, crossing the desert with nothing but the weather, the sound of the wind, and my own thoughts. Is it really much different?

Except of course if you take in consideration travel time being counted in hours instead of days or weeks. Then there’s the ability to stop whenever I want, get a motel, stop in a restaurant, or get a large drink for $1 at the local Mickey D’s.

OK, so it’s not exactly the same, but it’s our version of the open range today.

From the days when I was a kid, I’ve heard the names of the great western characters. And of those names, no name resonated in a young child’s imagination like the name Billy the Kid. I knew he was a bad guy but with a name like that, how could anyone not want to pretend to be him?

The truth of it all is that there is little information about, and even less pictures of, this Western Icon. In fact, until recently there was only one authenticated, original picture of Billy the Kid.


In a weird twist, that one picture proved to be worth more money than this infamous, ruthless outlaw ever stole. It sold in 1985 for $2.3 million.829

Now another picture has been found and authenticated.

The photo, before authentication, was found in a pile of old photos in a junk store. It sold for $2.

No one knows how much this photo will be auctioned for, if and when it does. But it’s expected to meet if not exceed the original photo’s selling price.

The photo shows the famous outlaw playing croquette.

Apparently it was a thing then.

Who knew?

I didn’t.


Day 232

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