Local Tourist

Hey Kids,

It’s so easy to forget where you live.

Maybe not your street address but exactly where you live in relation to the great things around you.

Time and routine wear a person down and the wonder of the mountains, the natural places, the parks, the historic sites, and the cool places, slip our minds.IMG_20150830_142154

Not to the point we forget they exist, but we stop thinking of going to them and enjoying them. People in Salt Lake have a huge problem with it. It doesn’t bother me so much because I don’t forget them and I enjoy enjoying these places without the 2 million people who apparently have forgot.

Today we visited a place called Cascade Springs. The road to the springs is not very trafficked because of the $6 entrance fee. We own the Interagency Pass so we had already paid our money and got waved through like celebrities.

Cascade Springs sits up somewhere around 7,500 ft. From the side of the mountain, water gushes out and forms a series of waterfalls and pools before funneling into a stream and tumbling down the mountain. The Forest Service has since built walk ways and board walks that crisscross and encircle the springs.

It’s beautiful! IMG_20150830_140036

On this trip, we took two of the kids with us that have never visited the springs before. It’s rewarding to share with the excitement as they experienced the place for the first time. And as an added treat, a young moose joined in with us too. I had never seen a moose there before. I love living so near to the mountains.

What places are around have you been neglecting? I recommend playing tourist every once in a while and enjoy locally what others travel long distances to see.

And take lots of pictures to review so you always want to return and never forget.


Day 188

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