South Pacific Smiles

Hey Kids,

I’m envious of people who belong to colorful subcultures.

By a subcultures, I mean those groups that make you talk different, act different, and/or share many insider ideals and insider jokes.

I belong to a subculture, but it’s not so colorful, although it does have some benefits and I can’t disvalue it completely.001859

Tonight I attended a wedding of a staff member. He is Polynesian. The wedding was a mix of Samoan culture within a Mormon church, but it is the Polynesian color that bleeds through.

Food. I never knew I could pile so much food onto one plate. I could feel the plate bend under the weight. And was it good? Even the things I had no chance of pronouncing were amazing. The joke was that you could go back for fifths, but if you sought a sixth portion they might tell you no. Might.

Dance. Many dances were offered to the new couple. Men and women. No long speeches, just Hula-type dances in their honor.

Laughter. You will never come across a more outwardly happy people that Polynesians. They smile, they cheer, and they laugh at any opportunity to do so. It’s impossible to attend a gathering such as tonight and contain a smile.

I know it’s all in your attitude. And I know it’s not imperative to be Samoan in order to enjoy life.

But apparently it helps.


Day 173

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