To Run or Not To Run

Hey Kids,

Jurassic World released this past weekend. And yes, they added some of my money to the $500+ Million that they took in globally.Jurassic-World-Header-Official

After four movies, I think I’ve got it.

  1. Don’t try to contain nature. It doesn’t work. It won’t work. Eventually it’ll eat you. Unless you’re one of the stars of the movie and/or related to them.
  2. Dinosaurs were more intelligent than we give them credit. We’re lucky they had developed speech and not fire and shelter making abilities so when the meteor hit the planet and put us into a global winter, they were stuck outdoors and it wiped them out.
  3. We are either fearful or wishful that our existence is so easily removed that we flock to movies that show us, again and again.

The movie is good. A little sappy at the end but worth the immediate $9, or later $4, or even later $1 or even later still, the time to catch on Netflix.

Just remember if something chases you, run. Or if it’s a motion-based-vision dinosaur, don’t. Or if the motion-based-vision dinosaur is detracted by something else, run. Unless of course that distraction is not paying attention to the motion-based-vision dinosaur and is watching you and can outrun you and you hope that the motion-based-vision dinosaur is watching it and you just need to wait until the situation takes care of itself, and then run. Whatever you need to do, do that.

And what do you think? When you watch these movies, would you be lunch, a survivor, or a hunter/hero?

Day 112

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