Look Twice

Hey Kids,

Motorcycle cruising today was awesome and other than one incident, the road was smooth, the curves were manageable, and the mountains were cool and refreshing.

Early on, before we left the city, a truck began to change into our lane while we were still in it. I had noticed that he might so I had already increased my speed and by the time he noticed me and swerved back into his original lane, we were already positioned to be perfectly safe.

The next sign spanning the highway was a highway alert reading “Look Twice for Motorcycles.”

UDOT Alert

UDOT Alert

The Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) posted this message on many of the highway alerts throughout the state. It’s a nice gesture, especially with the increase of motorcycle fatalities this year, as I’ve noted on a previous post. I do appreciate it and I wondered what the driver thought when he saw it: lesson learned or just more curse words directed to those damn motorcycles.

Either way, I like the thought that maybe someone learned that it’s important to look before you change lanes, cross an intersection, or back up. And not just because of motorcycles. We all need to be more careful.

In addition, I’d add to the Highway alerts: Motorcycles, Look Twice.


Day 111

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