Breaking Bread

Hey Kids,

Breaking bread, or sitting down to a meal together, has been used for centuries to bring people together. Good food shared, makes one feel happy, agreeable, and if you can share food together- one of the most required needs in life with water, why can’t anything else be shared?breaking-bread-1024x768

Today my staff had a barbeque for lunch. Nothing fancy, just hamburgers and hot dogs. I offered anyone who wanted to throw anything else in could, but no one was required.

We had cake, potato salad, chips, cookies, sodas, baked beans, and a few other things I forget. All voluntary.

We talked, laughed, and spent time together, huddled in the shade enjoying a very hot day.

In the end, I never said a word about clean-up. It just happened. I never said anything about time to go to work. We just did. But we all left with smiles.

We had fun. We shared. We grew together a little more as a staff.

Breaking bread; it still works.


Day 113

One thought on “Breaking Bread

  1. Something as simple as a BBQ for staff can make all the difference to one’s work environment. I’m sure it was appreciated by all.

    Well done

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