Green Around the Edges and Down to the Middle.

Hey Kids,

I’m getting ready to spend a few days fishing one of my favorite waters, the Green River. I’m Up%20Canyon%20from%20Shark%20Alley,always surprised at the amount of stress that comes along with the preparations of a fishing trip and especially when to a favorite site.

Do I have enough flies? The right flies? Is my leader ok? Do I have enough tippet material? The right tippet material?

What’s the weather going to be? What do I bring to wear? Do I have enough to wear if it rains? Hails? Snows?

Food? Secondary concern, I know, but a concern nonetheless. How long can the body go between meals? Is water to drink really necessary? How much equipment do I have to sacrifice to make room in the vest? On the boat? I might need that space for fly tying equipment. Drinking is nice, but what about the hatch?blue_winged_olives_park_city

There are always too many questions. And they multiply as the water draws closer.

But once on the water: serenity. A fine cast, a perfect drift, an explosive take and a fine fight can make all the worries of life fade to the back ground.

Green River I hear you calling, and after all this ruckus of packing, I’ll be there.

Tight lines.


Day 31

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