When the Moment Arrives, Go

Hey Kids,

It’s been a few years now, but a mountain used to taunt me. All 11,750 feet of Mount Timpanogos laughed at me every time I traveled through Utah County.

I had said I wanted to climb it. I had said it out loud to others. The summer passed and the snows came. And the mocking continued through the winter.

And the summer came again and progressed without goal realization.198721_284503098329484_338240272_n

September came and so did my decision to at last hike to the top. I took a day off work, arrived at the trailhead at 7:30 and aimed my fat old man body up the mountain trail.

It hurt and I struggled. After 7 hours of walking, and 4,700 feet of incline, I arrived at the summit. All 11,750 feet of it!408255_284504268329367_490827171_n

I decided to do it and did it. Others had done it before; others will do it after. Regardless, I did it on that day. I did it because I decided to do it.

I now enjoy the drives through Utah County. I look up at the top of that mountain and know I made it there. The mountain no longer mocks me but remembers me, appreciates the struggle it took to visit, and waves as a friend as I go by.

What thing awaits you? Once you do it, no one can take it away from you.

Do it.

Day 32

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